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Pop into Spring!

Excited about the Spring season as I'm still freezing my lil butt off! UGH, oh well, just a few more WEEKS! *fingers crossed* But I am inspired by the last two seasons of fashion week and starting to see the fruits of all of the labor. Things that popped this week include Zendaya in Dolce & Gabbana, Spring SHOES, Power Ranger Inspired Fashions lol, "Dandyland" men's fashions honey and KITH & Aime Leon Dore.

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I remember seeing this Dolce & Gabbana collection a few weeks back and I thought, DARING! Get it Zendaya! She made it POP, for sure...

Alexandre Birman Lolita Gingham Three-Strap Sandals ($525)

POPSUGAR. is always serving up delicious goodies and this time we get a healthy helping of Spring time SHOES! Peep'm, they're broken down by style & price...

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GO GO Power Rangers!!! I see you W Magazine playing to Millennials aaand Generation X/Y, ha. This YELLOW love is another fabulous design by Dolce & Gabbana...POW! Check out other designs W spotted inspired by the Power Rangers. Color POPS.

Jonathan Sawyer

There's nothing like true inspiration. KITH and Aimé Leon Dore caught their vibe in Greece and I live for these simplistic nautical pieces. *cue calming vacation music* Pops of inspiration...


OK, totally not Spring like but I LOVE to see a dapper dude. And remember, it's March 2017, in NY, where there is still frozen snow on the ground, so HEY! Dandyland feels all gangsta to me...Definitely a method to their Tailored madness.



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