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Glitter Butts? Sit down, Be HUMBLE!

OMG! It's still cold and dreary up here in NY but I ain't paying that NO mind! I'm thinking about fun in the sun right now. You know, ice cream, the beach, music festivals...basically just being cute and comfy outdoors. Fun in the sun isn't complete without crazy Ice Cream & anthems you will knock all season. Like HUMBLE, Kendrick Lamar's latest banger; it speaks to society in THE most creative way! Man, what a visionary! So Sit Down! Be Humble!

Chill and peep these cool swim designs, Asherah Swimwear, one of which is my home girl's line from Dallas! Who's proud? Me! *pops collar* So yeah, since it's still really cold in NY, I'm not trying to hear SPRING, Ha. Skip IT, j/k....I will bring that back mid week. Just sick and tired of being BUNDLED UP! So,enjoy gettin' your mind right for the dog days of summer.


GLITTER BUTTS!!! Make your Booty sparkle and become an Instagram CHAMP! This idea was inspired by makeup artist Mia Kennington. It reminds her of that feeling of sitting on the beach, standing up and finding your booty covered in sand. More Glitter Butts? *booty poppin*


Pretty DOPE, huh? I know it! I wouldn't expect anything less from my girl Cheryl "Cejae" Jones. She's the Creative Director and Designer for this super sexy line. If you 're over the typical swim suit and looking for something that POPS, head over to Asherah Swimwear and get what's YOURS!


Mara Hoffman is a designer straight out of NY. I adore these fresh designs because they are simplistically feminine, cool and flattering. Not to mention the color POPS!


Can't you just feel the comfort in these gorgeous Sandalias by Beatrice Valenzuela? I can picture them with so many cute outfits and even bathing suits. Makes you wanna just slide'm on and stroll and dance around the park.

Photo: insatiablemunch via Flickr

*SINGS* I Got Some Iiiice Cream & You Can't Haaave None! Remember that? No? Just me?

What is this, a milkshake donut ice cream cone? Hello SWEETY is more like it! Well, the home of this sugary concoction is closed but you can find cold desserts with a funky twist at:

I'm just going to leave you all with this video! Kendrick Lamar dropped HOT FIRE last Thursday leading up to his much anticipated album. The cinematography, the direction, the camera focus, and story telling WOOO with a beat that will have you bobbing your head something serious! I'm here o tell you that HUMBLE is perfect! HUMBLE is needed! HUMBLE is hurting some folks feelings. HUMBLE done changed the game. Now Sit DOWN!



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